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Melissa MarinoExperienced business and academic editor

PhilosophyLiteraturePoliticsEconomicsMedicineInterdisciplinary subject editing

Melissa Marino is a native English speaker from the United States. She attended Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Georgia, and achieved a degree in Spanish Literature with minors in political science and philosophy.

For 12 years, she has worked in Germany with individuals and businesses, students and professors, scientists and medical doctors to improve the language of documents such as marketing brochures, surveys, executive presentations, technical documents, bachelor's and master's theses, publications for postdoctoral lecturer qualification (habilitation), postgraduate dissertations, book chapters, and articles. She can also help you ensure that your thesis, article, or chapter meets the stated standards of your academic institution or publisher. Editing provides an opportunity for writers and communicators to sharpen their language and elevate the impact of their work.

As a professional editor, Melissa is passionate about her job and holds herself to high standards of accuracy, clarity, and concision. In her 30-year business career, she has been in marketing, sales, training, copywriting, political speechwriting, and technical writing. She has worked as a business and academic editor for 12 of those 25 years.

Daniel GardnerExperienced editor, University of Cambridge graduate

American StudiesEnglish StudiesEconomicsHumanitiesLawMarketingHuman Resource Management

Daniel Gardner is an English native speaker and holds a bachelor’s degree in Business and Law from the London School of Economics and a Master of Studies in International Relations from the University of Cambridge. His research dissertation at Cambridge dealt with Ukraine’s foreign relations with the EU, NATO and the CIS using various hypotheses culled from rationalist and constructivist theories.

Daniel was born and grew up in the UK before spending several years in the USA, in Los Angeles, CA and Wilmington, NC. He moved to Germany in 2000, initially working as a freelance English business trainer with a focus on marketing, cross-cultural competences and HR management at various companies including BASF and Roche Diagnostics. He later worked as a freelance editor and proofreader on academic texts before joining AbbVie, an American pharmaceutical multinational in Ludwigshafen and Wiesbaden, as a translator and coordinator working together with research, government affairs and marketing/communications departments.

With over ten years of experience in the editing business, he has developed his expertise and a thorough understanding of the difficulties confronting non-native speakers in academic writing and looks forward to lending you a helping hand along the way.

Cassandra Louw (PhD, PMP®)Academic proof-reader, Project Management Consultant, Mentor

Natural sciencesEducationPsychologyBusinessHistoryAnthropology

Cassandra Louw is an expert freelance academic proof-reader, project management consultant and mentor. An English native speaker born in South Africa, she has lived and worked in Germany since 2010. She graduated with a PhD in Biochemistry in 2009 and obtained her Project Management Professional (PMI PMP®) qualification in 2017. Effective and efficient communication lies at the heart of project management excellence, and her project management career has further sensitised her to the power of communication. Cassandra has always been passionate about language and the power of expression and has proofread documents, scientific papers, theses, project plans and consulting concepts for diverse clients over the past 15 years. She gained her first academic proofing experience while she was still at university, where she mentored and encouraged students to present their research in the best possible way.

A thesis or scientific paper is so much more than simply a document to obtain a degree or funding – it is a testimony both to the scientific ability and communication competence of the author. Cassandra believes that a combination of empathy, subject matter experience, dedication and humour can ensure the successful completion of almost every writing project. Her editing approach always bears the target audience in mind, and her focus lies on the power of small changes to make a big difference to the impact made by written work. The subtle differences between US and UK English are also considered in this approach.

After completing her Post-doctoral studies in Biochemistry, Cassandra commenced her career as a research scientist at Coca-Cola GmbH before moving into the field of consulting, culminating in the role of project management officer (PMO) and senior consultant. Her interest in helping others and in education motivated her to join the Leonhard Prison Entrepreneurship Program, where she worked until the discontinuation of the project. She now works as a freelance proof-reader, project management consultant and mentor, and thrives on supporting her clients to grow, to develop and to polish their skills in English writing. She looks forward to supporting you on your writing journey.

Dr. Caroline BarnesExperienced academic editor

SociologySocial TheoryMedia AnalysisUniversity lecturerQuantitative research skillsInterdisciplinary subject editing

Caroline Barnes studied sociology in Edinburgh and went on to complete a PhD on postmodernism, culture and identity. She analyzed the foundations of postmodern feminism and argued that the theory wrongly assumes that cultural and linguistic formations causally determines gender identity.

She worked as university lecturer in London, where she taught a variety of courses in the areas of social science and culture, for example research methods and practice, social theory, the sociology of the body, the sociology of emotion, identity, media analysis etc. She was also responsible for curriculum design, where she combined the acquisition of high level skills with curriculum content. Central to this was an emphasis on detailed feedback on all aspects of students’ work. As peer reviewing is an integral part of the profession, Caroline has acquired extensive experience of editing and advising on the different aspects of written work.

In 2013 she was awarded the “Outstanding Teaching Award” by the National Union of Students. The students praised not only the quality of her teaching and thesis supervision but also her ethical conduct and ceaseless support, of which she remains very proud. The quality of her curriculum design led to her involvement in the research project, “Quality and Inequality in BA Degrees”, with the University of Nottingham.

Dr. Isabel Gräfin BülowLektorin und Übersetzerin (Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch)

American StudiesEnglish language and literatureProofreading of English textsMarketingPRTrend researchTranslations

Dr. Isabel Gräfin Bülow studied American Studies/Anglistics and Romance Studies (French) in Düsseldorf and Cologne, Montpellier (France) and Williamsburg, VA (USA). She received her doctorate in American Studies in 1997. Since 1992 she has worked as a freelance editor and translator. She currently lives and works in Düsseldorf, but has also gained professional experience abroad. For example, she worked for the publishing house Farrar, Strauss & Giroux in New York in the editorial and press departments and for Oxford University Press.

As an editor, she has been successfully dealing with business topics for more than twenty years, among others for the economics and business departments of ECON and Campus Verlag. She is happy to contribute her know-how and expertise, as well as her many years of experience in editing specialist literature, non-fiction books and academic papers, when working with students.

Thomas PaaschAcademic proof-reader

Academic proof-readingEngineering scienceIT science

Mr. Paasch grew up in the USA. Due to his American father and his work as an editor for English-language IT and engineering journals, the technical vocabulary of engineers and scientists has become his linguistic home. He has been increasingly involved with technology since his engineering studies at Columbia University in New York. He holds the Microsoft System Engineer, MS Professional and MS System Administrator exams and programs with Java and PHP.

Mr. Paasch has lived in Japan for 20 years during his life. He has a very good command of the language, both written and spoken. During this time he worked, for example, as a personal assistant and English teacher to the Postmaster General, and also as an editor for English and Japanese books at Ananda Printing Tokyo. Currently Mr. Paasch is working in Germany / Karlsruhe. There he works for a well-known software company and coordinates the activities of the German, American and Japanese subsidiaries.

Stephan NovakAcademic proof-reader, certified translator

English StudiesEnglishLiteratureMedicineBusiness informatics

Stephan Novak studied psychology and social pedagogy in Australia. He studied Oriental Studies in Sweden and India, Linguistics and French literature in Paris. As a lecturer, he worked at the Australian College for Applied Psychology. As a therapist he worked at the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney. He rounded out his literary skills at the Cumberland News Group in Sydney. His computer skills enabled him to serve as Managing Director of New Wave Technology in Manila, Philippines. His intercultural skills qualified him to serve as Managing Director at Kultura Asia Pty Ltd. in Singapore.

Stephan speaks English, German, French, Spanish and also has knowledge of some of the languages commonly used in Asia, such as Sanskrit and Bengali. Currently, he lives in Germany, the country of his mother's birth. Here he also passed an exam as a holistic practitioner. He is passionate about passing on knowledge to the next generation of students, which is why he is committed to serving you as a lecturer and coach.

Justin BachmannExperienced editor, Law and Humanities


Justin Bachmann is a native speaker from Australia. He graduated from the University of Adelaide with a double degree in the humanities and law. He moved to Freiburg, Germany, in 2008, where he completed the Master of Laws degree at the University of Freiburg, supported by scholarship from the DAAD. His thesis focused on the conflict between nation state sovereignty and human rights.

These days, he splits his time between his home town, Adelaide, and his adopted home, Freiburg, working as a freelance translator, editor and proofreader. He has worked for a number of organisations and scholars, including the Max-Planck-Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law, where he assisted in the editing process of two books for publication. While he focuses on the humanities and law, he has proofread topics as diverse as economics, biology and ecology. His extensive experience as a translator gives him special insight to the challenges faced by non-native English speakers writing academic papers.

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