Academic proof-reader, certified translator
Literaturwissenschaft, Angew. Psychologie, Informatik, LaTeX, Englische Arbeiten
Meine Spezialthemen:
English Studies, English, Literature, Medicine, Business informatics

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> 14 Jahre (seit 2010)

Stephan studied psychology and social pedagogy in Australia. He studied Oriental Studies in Sweden and India, Linguistics and French literature in Paris. As a lecturer, he worked at the Australian College for Applied Psychology. As a therapist he worked at the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney. He rounded out his literary skills at the Cumberland News Group in Sydney. His computer skills enabled him to serve as Managing Director of New Wave Technology in Manila, Philippines. His intercultural skills qualified him to serve as Managing Director at Kultura Asia Pty Ltd. in Singapore.

Stephan speaks English, German, French, Spanish and also has knowledge of some of the languages commonly used in Asia, such as Sanskrit and Bengali. Currently, he lives in Germany, the country of his mother's birth. Here he also passed an exam as a holistic practitioner. He is passionate about passing on knowledge to the next generation of students, which is why he is committed to serving you as a lecturer and coach.