Academic proof-reader, Project Management Consultant, Mentor
Projektmanagement, Biologie, Chemie, LaTeX, Englische Arbeiten
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Natural sciences, Education, Psychology, Business, History, Anthropology

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Cassandra is an expert freelance academic proof-reader, project management consultant and mentor. An English native speaker born in South Africa, she has lived and worked in Germany since 2010. She graduated with a PhD in Biochemistry in 2009 and obtained her Project Management Professional (PMI PMP®) qualification in 2017. Effective and efficient communication lies at the heart of project management excellence, and her project management career has further sensitised her to the power of communication. Cassandra has always been passionate about language and the power of expression and has proofread documents, scientific papers, theses, project plans and consulting concepts for diverse clients over the past 15 years. She gained her first academic proofing experience while she was still at university, where she mentored and encouraged students to present their research in the best possible way.

A thesis or scientific paper is so much more than simply a document to obtain a degree or funding – it is a testimony both to the scientific ability and communication competence of the author. Cassandra believes that a combination of empathy, subject matter experience, dedication and humour can ensure the successful completion of almost every writing project. Her editing approach always bears the target audience in mind, and her focus lies on the power of small changes to make a big difference to the impact made by written work. The subtle differences between US and UK English are also considered in this approach.

After completing her Post-doctoral studies in Biochemistry, Cassandra commenced her career as a research scientist at Coca-Cola GmbH before moving into the field of consulting, culminating in the role of project management officer (PMO) and senior consultant. Her interest in helping others and in education motivated her to join the Leonhard Prison Entrepreneurship Program, where she worked until the discontinuation of the project. She now works as a freelance proof-reader, project management consultant and mentor, and thrives on supporting her clients to grow, to develop and to polish their skills in English writing. She looks forward to supporting you on your writing journey.