Thomas Paasch
Academic proof-reader
LaTeX, Englische Arbeiten
Akademischer Titel:
Academic proof-reader
Meine Spezialthemen:
Academic proof-reading, Engineering science, IT science

Thomas grew up in the USA. Due to his American father and his work as an editor for English-language IT and engineering journals, the technical vocabulary of engineers and scientists has become his linguistic home. He has been increasingly involved with technology since his engineering studies at Columbia University in New York. He holds the Microsoft System Engineer, MS Professional and MS System Administrator exams and programs with Java and PHP.

Thomas has lived in Japan for 20 years during his life. He has a very good command of the language, both written and spoken. During this time he worked, for example, as a personal assistant and English teacher to the Postmaster General, and also as an editor for English and Japanese books at Ananda Printing Tokyo. Currently Mr. Paasch is working in Germany / Karlsruhe. There he works for a well-known software company and coordinates the activities of the German, American and Japanese subsidiaries.