Dr. Caroline Barnes
Experienced academic editor
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Sociology, Social Theory, Media Analysis, University lecturer, Quantitative research skills, Interdisciplinary subject editing

Caroline studied sociology in Edinburgh and went on to complete a PhD on postmodernism, culture and identity. She analyzed the foundations of postmodern feminism and argued that the theory wrongly assumes that cultural and linguistic formations causally determines gender identity.

She worked as university lecturer in London, where she taught a variety of courses in the areas of social science and culture, for example research methods and practice, social theory, the sociology of the body, the sociology of emotion, identity, media analysis etc.  She was also responsible for curriculum design, where she combined the acquisition of high level skills with curriculum content. Central to this was an emphasis on detailed feedback on all aspects of students’ work. As peer reviewing is an integral part of the profession, Caroline has acquired extensive experience of editing and advising on the different aspects of written work.

In 2013 she was awarded the “Outstanding Teaching Award” by the National Union of Students. The students praised not only the quality of her teaching and thesis supervision but also her ethical conduct and ceaseless support, of which she remains very proud. The quality of her curriculum design led to her involvement in the research project, “Quality and Inequality in BA Degrees”, with the University of Nottingham.